artist statement //

 I develop those vector-based designs through Adobe Illustrator and Premiere when video making in necessary. I feel my work is most successful when it is creatively clean and to the point. It shouldn’t distract the audience from the main subject. I deal with various issues and subjects such as daily routines, well-being and beauty. This includes the different perspective of peoples view to the color pink, where it can be seen as soft and gentle but can also be strong and powerful. I’ve been influenced by the use of simple contemporary illustration in a very playful way of clean and minimal Swiss design by Seymour Chwast. I want my work to inspire people and allow them to ask questions like why the color pink has been represent to be so artificial.


outcome / reflection

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 1.44.56 PM.png

This is actually one of my first spreads that i build in, i’ve been working with photos and layouts, this somehow reminded me of sophomore year/typography class where we used to play with types in so many ways, we play with the placements/typeface and so many other details. i’ve been so in love with this project specially that i’m doing what i really want to and the fact that i’ve been going to qatar national library to look for books and inspirations was really useful. going to the website and see topics in there was really useful. one of the books i really enjoyed and found useful :

The book pdf

citation for the photos and information of this spread

I’ve been using this type in order to look different when i put on a fact about the color pink to just have the interesting juxtaposition. the fact that i’ve been taking are all from my own re-search. the ones that i listed, an interesting thing i was trying to build is to let people curious and think deeply with a connection.

an example :

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 2.30.10 PM.png


I’ve also thought on how i’ll print it, I did order pink papers online to print out on them instead of just having it in white with pink box. if the white turns pink it’ll result more interesting and more experimental as well. since i’ve been looking for experiments from the beginning.

I’ve also printed in two kinds of papers// two shades in order to see how perspectives are changing  differently towards shades.

the booklet is made to have a collection of photos and facts overlapped, to show the juxtaposition.


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title of the booklet//

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 2.46.57 PM.png

shades of pink// the concept behind the title is actually the layers and layers of facts and photography combined. the amount of facts i’ve collected all together.



reflection// project two is where exactly i felt comfortable and well focused into my topic, it’s exactly where i felt i really want this topic and start re-searching in the right way. i realised that all what i need is to gather all books around and get inspired from other things as well as, accepting all comments and critiques from my classmates/friends. this has really helped me positively towards building project two.  I’ve read an article about how colors can change the impact of the title, how you’ll change your thoughts towards that.


Project 2

developing from project 1, what i really thought of doing this time is something more global, that people could view it and understand it well.

my inspiration comes from my past re-search, i did mentioned several of times that i love how things can be together or overlap in different ways, how colors can play a big role toward the topic even if it’s serious/funny. how the color can change the impact that you’ll get towards a topic.

starting this project, i’ve looked for booklet inspirations since i want something to be given for people to read and be curious about.


coming up with these as inspirations leads me to start collecting all sources that i had and gather them into categories in order to divide them to spreads. some are politics, enemy, football and other categories.


topic history //

Pink is a color i’ve been loving from such a young age. my room looked as if Barbie had barfed all over it //  pink cushions everywhere. My stationery was pink. My backpack was pink. My favorite Power Ranger was pink. Literally, everything around. i’ve been always called ‘girly girl’ – i’ve been also bullied to not play football with my cousins  just because i’m wearing pink shirts.

getting older, my special connection with pink still lingers today. I’m now this type of person that collects all pink stuff but I don’t show that to people around, I do have pink stickers all over my laptop, but whenever i have a meeting.. i’m using my other one to look more ‘official’ – for the past years i’ve been doing my own projects with pink, I’ve been taking an actual serious photo and convert it to pink color, sometimes a fruit, newspaper and some are just pink blank pages experimented with shades.

I’ve been playing around to see the powerful parts of it, how shades are different… how the bright color represents something that the lighter in one shade would be in a different level. My instagram account is a place where I embrace my passion and collections and a comment I usually get is ‘the amount of pink you have….’ – ‘such a girly girl’ –


some experiments from the past –


more sources//

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 4.59.47 PM

 The War on Pink

the reason why i really liked this source is that i feel like it displays the color pink in so many positive and negative as well. and by the end of the article there’a a reason and a solution. which is organising the toys in stores by type not by the color as well as, so many other solutions.



Gulabi Gang

What interests me in this article is that it’s now not about breast cancer, but another aspect… The Gulabi Gang is a group of Indian women activists. The group first appeared in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh as a response to widespread domestic abuse and other violence against women. They do consider the color pink as a powerful color that they tend to wear all pink sari’s. 



Pink Newspaper

The idea that people are calling it the pink newspaper even though the color of it is not as bright as pink surprise me. another fact, how they changed the name of the color to ‘salmon pink’… is just exactly creating the same stereotype of not wearing pink for boys but ‘salmon pink’…….. !