This project to me is extremely challenging, never thought of doing this book with this much of pop-ups. The first few weeks I over-think it, I always go back and say that it’s hard, never going to work, craft will be bad. After experimenting a lot of templates that I’ve made, after checking all pop-up books I have at home to see and check for the technique I started building and choosing the final outcome. So my Idea came from a book I had at home, I literally opened every single piece in order to know the size exactly. and see how it fits.

I really enjoyed my topic, I like reading about those stuff specially that it’s an event that took a space.

Way of visuals:

So I came up with a different visual for the book, I took the actual photographs from the internet, print them and then work on them, wither with some glitters, some beads and ropes as well. I chose so many different colors depending of the theme. I really enjoyed this step so much! I expanded the way of taking the actual and real photographs into doing something that people can tell that yeah, it’s your own signature.

I learned:

  • How to manage my time and check templates.
  • How to look at inspirations.
  • Go library and look for more books that have technique.
  • Print templets and check sizes exactly.
  • Glue with a good craft.
  • Choosing the right glue.
  • Build the topic and expand.

Project 2 |

Experience |

Visiting a place, observe every single piece, know what’s behind each of them, choose two pieces and work with it is such a new kind of work for me! Very interesting. Looking at all pieces from both museums > Mathaf & Al Riwaq expanded my thoughts not only for his work but for all artists. I’ve experienced photography in museum, which is not an easy thing to get the perfect lighting, all the piece and all details as well. I’ve had a very big number of photos of his work in order to have my time choosing between them at home.


Process |

The process of my piece went in so many different levels, I’ve passed through so many different ideas, inspirations and different work. What I found useful at the end to stick into one idea is that I went there by myself, sat in a chair and thought about it deeply and detailed as well. I looked up for the museum, theater template in order to give the people the same feeling. To me, a well-designed invitation is when the person opens it he/she can have a hint of the style/space and feeling as well. The place to me seemed like a box, closed box with no exits, my piece can be shows as a flat roughly square, when the person opens it, it’s square with closed areas.

Type was such a challenging step to me, having both languages in one piece with the big amount of information, I took risks with the placements, specially that the timings in both languages are in the back. I’ve also had a long process of thinking “How will people know how to opens it / in which direction? Right? Left? Oh from the back?” so I did a proto-type and gave random people, from other department in order to know, how will they think about it, with asking “What feeling did you get? How do expect the place to be after seeing the invitation?”. I’ve collected a very fair amount of critiques which I found them really useful! There is a quote that I’ve always believed on:

To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”
– Aristotle

Photos was interesting step to me! As mentioned, the big number of photos of the pieces were really useful to me! I’ve chose two different photos, I tried my best to edit them both with the same style, color and strokes in order to give the same feeling. I’ve also chose photos that can get people to be excited, curious and interested to come the museum. I’ve chose photos that will not guide you to the exact style in all work, but a piece that can let you think more, want to see more!


I’ve learned |

  • Photography in museums.
  • Editing photos in a different level > Lighting/ cropping and faking.
  • Get people to “I want to see more!!”
  • Grab attention only from invitation.
  • Give people the vibes of the museum from a piece of invitation.
  • Play with type and photos.


Over-all |

This project expanded my way of thinking when it comes to concepts, thoughts, artists and so many different things. I really enjoyed the project, I liked the fact that each in the class is able to do their own style and ideas. The amount of different ideas in the final and the variety of different concepts is very interesting!!! The feeling of me going to Q-post to send it is such a nice feeling! Struggles in this project got me to learn and expand and “without struggles, there are no success.”



Project 1 |


Well, it’s my first time actually to work with greyscale this much, I’ve experimented before but a black and white with a color. I feel like this time it’s a risk to me, especially because it’s all B&W so it’s a little bit hard to put something that will attract, that’s why I keep experimenting with the piece more than one time.


I used photoshop for editing, only curves, and levels to give the picture more depth and sense as well.


When it comes to managing the vector with raster image it was a bit challenging to me, since as I mentioned I felt like the vector is grey and the raster is grey as well so nothing is popping at first, I felt like it’s all flat, but then after trying to create an outline for each vector it helped.a lot with defining the vector.


I played with the illustrations somehow a lot, I really like using vectors in design, it’s my first time actually using greyscale for illustrations so yeah… it was such a challenging part of the projects but at the end after figuring it out I think it worked.


I wanted the shapes to create some movement in contrast with the original background picture as well as, trying to blend them together.

Check list: 

  • Bleed 5 mm
  • Slug 15-20mm
  • color space: grayscale
  • Name all files properly ‘not final1/2/3’
  • Effective ppi & Actual ppi: 300
  • Work in RGB , change it to CMYK before saving and submitting the file
  • Layers all are supposed to be in right order and naming as well
  • Naming the file — “Name_ƒ” (alt+f=ƒ)
  • save the file as a tiff


Final outcome :

Reflection |

Throughout the last project, I think it’s somehow different than the rest since it’s more system and illustrations.. what I really liked is that we’ve been working on so many different things rather than focusing on one thing but leaving what else going on.. so I went through t-shirts/logo and so many different implementations.. At first, it was challenging since it’s somehow bringing new idea but sticking to it for the rest of the project, so I really wanted to choose something that I’ll feel interested towards it for the rest of the time. The project was successful to me not just because I’ve done work that I really liked but because it was more about having a system and following it! And this is exactly what I like. so yeah… I learned so many different skills throughout it, I learned how to go through difficulties but handling them, an example is the choice of acrylic sheet for the menu… I asked a lot of people how can I glue the clear part with the paper and then after experimenting I decided to use the spray glue.. and I also learned how to let work be like a system and everything is connected as well. Really enjoyed it!